Maximo Implementation

TALIAN as an IBM business partner is providing Maximo latest asset management software (such as implementation, upgrade, support, optimalization and more) with the best quality and suitable for your company needs, from planning, implementing, to supporting the daily uses, we are ready to help you.

IBM Maximo Implementation

Getting Know IBM Maximo Implementation Success Model

Maximo Enterprise Asset Management project has been proven to be successful in creating great value within the organization. Many companies have had the deployments of the tool and able to manage everything, from nuclear power plants to planes, trains, and automobiles. The level of effort and planning required to achieve success in managing company asset including people, process, and technology, has become less complicated as it does with a simplistic click on the software as a tool.

Better than that, the deployments at thousands of sites involving thousands of users and even to two people in a company have proven what IBM can deliver with Maximo. While the deployments that have had problems are typically as a result of ignoring key aspects of deployment and it is completely avoidable. For that reason, this section focuses on clarifying the various aspects and providing the proper knowledge to be implemented through Maximo, so every enterprise can begin from the start.

The value of the project is more easily managed when the company continuously is paying attention to build the plan from a success model point of view. The success model Maximo focuses based on the right level of communication and commitment from all levels of human resource within a company to make the investment sustainable. We also focus on the internal asset of the company, including people (education, training, and product improvement reviews), process (consistent adherence to process) and technology (the right level of automation and development).

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IBM Maximo Upgrade

Although Maximo Asset Management is proven to be effective, the upgrading of the tools from one version to the current version may require great planning, practice and time.

Besides that, in completion of the upgrade(s) to newer versions of Maximo, you also need to follow specific steps in order. There are some “checks and balances” activities along the process within the different upgrade paths that requires hand of the experts to handle. Maximo upgraded software was written for specific database products that’s only available for the versions at that time, while the database upgrade is only supported on those certain versions.

As the 1st IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia to carry out a Maximo upgrade to version 7, TALIAN is provide this service and have a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing a Maximo upgrade project.

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IBM Maximo Support

This service is available to support the daily use of IBM Maximo Asset Management within your company that may include several activities, which are:


  • Upgrading IBM Maximo Asset Management from one version to the next.

  • Helping your company to complete specific steps in order in upgrading and managing IBM Maximo Asset Management.

  • Helping with the “checks and balances” activities within the different upgrade paths.

TALIAN as the first IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia has a very knowledge of this area of expertise, so your company can carry out the challenge as the asset management has been taken care of.

“Our IBM Maximo Support service is available to help you with a very clear approach of the tools and the problem occurs. Contact us regarding detailed information of this service.”

Enterprise Asset Management Optimalization

IBM Maximo EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) takes the power, performance and capabilities of asset management system to the whole new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo EAM delivers a comprehensive view of all asset types, including production, facilities, transportation and IT management within your enterprise.

Besides that, Maximo EAM also comprises six management modules in an enhanced service-oriented environment, which helps you to manage all types of assets, including plant, production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and even more.

By using Maximo EAM, your company will harness the most benefits, from improving the return on assets, decreasing costs and risk, increasing productivity, improving asset-related decision making, increasing the efficiency of asset service delivery and revenue regulatory effort, and also lowering the total cost of ownership.

Maximo Scheduler
Maximo Scheduler is an add-on product to Maximo Enterprise Asset Management that’s enabling the organizations to observe and schedule the work orders and tasks in a Gantt chart and manage them visually. The Maximo EAM users no longer need the third party apps such as Microsoft Project or PRIMAVERA to get a job scheduling capability.

IBM®Maximo®Asset Management Scheduler was created to plan, scheduling and assign future work, with total benefits based on relationships, restrictions, availability and skills. It includes a quick, easy and drag & drop work assignments features.

This feature also helps you to identify the most possible scheduling conflicts that might arise from multiple concurrent work orders that requires the same resources. You can schedule it to a group-capacity level or to the lead-craft level. You can now work in more efficient environment.

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